This template contains hand keyed animations, blueprints, menu widgets, and is fully local multiplayer ready. You will need additional game pads (one per player) if playing local multiplayer. For testing, you can check box 'skip assigning gamepad to player 1' and use a keyboard/mouse for player 1, and subsequently gamepads 1-3 for players 2-4. Included are the player character blueprint, AI Base, AI Rifle (Child BPs of Player), Game Instance, A Camera Object (zooms in and out with additional players), Game Mode, Player Controller, No Climb volume, checkpoint blueprints, kill volume, health and weapons, and projectile to name a few.
In addition to the above, there is a cover blueprint which allows the player to go into cover when you press gamepad face button right or 'c' on the keyboard. You can swap between fists, rifle, or melee weapons as well. There are two playable levels included in the package, a menu level which triggers the title screen and cooperative menu. There are particles that display impact and combo counts, along with gun smoke/sparks giving the illusion of barrel heat.
There are many animations hand keyed included (Combat, locomotion, death, climbing, and cover); The audio was created manually via microphone and customized to sound like punch/kick SFX. Original starter content was included in the UE4_Organic folder for organizational purposes.
In a later update, I would like to create a fighting mode option where players can battle one another (locally).

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Technical Details
Video Playlist:

4 player Cooperative Support
AI Bots (one fighter, one rifle carrier)
AI Spawn System (See Level_1 and Level_2 for idea)
Wall Climbing (has no climb volume blueprints)
Ledge Hanging and Climbing
Rope Swinging
Fighting (punch/kick/special/counter punch/Jump Kick/Blocking)
Small Arms Weapon System
Melee Weapon System
Cover System
Widget Menus w/ Title/In-game/Coop/Single Player options
Gamepad friendly menus (player controller 0)
Health System
Shared Local Multiplayer Camera
Camera Shake
Hand Keyed Animations
Enemy Spawn Sytem with Checkpoint Collision Blocking Blueprints (Once enemies are clear, checkpoint opens and "GO!!!" widget displays. Blocking volumes only block collision in single player mode for simplicity.
Game Instance to carry over points, lives, current level and high score.
2 Levels for example with level transport; one test level.
Number of Blueprints: 22
Input: (Gamepad, Keyboard, and Mouse)
Network Replicated: (No)
Supported Development Platforms:
Windows: (Yes)
Mac: (Yes)
(Continually updates). Blueprints are well commented; organized folders.
Note: I will be continually updating the package to provide the best content available. Join my discord for any additional product support required:
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