Development Log
Here's a page dedicated solely to the development of games! I'll try to update this as often as I can!
7-20-2020: I have to get better at updating this. Today, I've uploaded my very first Unreal Engine 4 Marketplace Asset. I'm quite proud; lots of work towards this since Early February. The asset is called "Beat 'Em Up Shooter 4 Player Cooperative Climbing and Swinging Template". More information can be found about it on my Gallery Page including a direct link at the bottom of the page.
8-7-2019: Just knocked out some props and updated the 1524 Centennial Dr. Scene. This will be a "Cross-Fit" gym. Anyhow, I'm getting ready to travel back to Colorado, so it won't probably be until Saturday that you see any new updates.
8-2-2019: Sometimes I feel like I'm not getting much done... But then, I look at this log and I'm like "Oh yeah, I've been kicking @$$ :)
Aside from that, this has been a very productive day/evening/morning... It's 0215 now. Here's a quick glimpse of what I set out to do today. What's crossed out, means complete.
8-1-2019: Got some work done on the loan scene on "Steve's Indubitably Awesome Arcade Adventure". Meet Greg, the Loan Officer.
7-31-2019: I haven't posted any updates for a few days; however, I've been working on some of the graphic props that will be used throughout the game. I'm trying to polish out the first 8 or 9 scenes before moving on in attempt to release a playable prototype demo. Enjoy!
7-27-2019: Lots of work done today. Pretty good, considering I didn't feel like doing much at the start. A good night sleep always helps!
7-25-2019: Troubleshot a little formatting issues this afternoon during dialogue scenes. Think I've reached a somewhat unanimous decision to keep dialogue down to one line at a time. In addition I've created a... Somewhat experimental animation that I plan to introduce in one of the cut scenes. Created a quick rough of 1st Street, which leads into Indubitably Electronics.
7-24-2019: More work on dialogue complete. Added functionality of "Turkey Retro Club" pay and add into library, whilst removing the dialogue options in future conversations with Ricky.
7-23-2019: Got a small break through today in the dialogue layer system. Pretty simple and I thank #VisionaireStudio for that. The formatting is a little off right now, but it's got some potential for sure. Fixed the talk icon animation so it wasn't so small and rigid.
7-21-2019: Implemented speech bubbles for dialogue to display organic to the character. Check. Placed "Ricky" at Ricky's Diner on scene 3 with some starter action text. More to follow.
7-20-2019: Busy day! Got up at 0700 to guest speak on a twitch channel about indie game development (link on my updates page). Aside from that, I managed to change the UI to custom icons, finish up on scene 2, and get more than half way done on scene 3. It's been a good day! I won't be working on the game tomorrow as I need to study for an exam for next week and knock out some slides. Here's a video of the current progress.
7-19-2019: Changed the dialogue position and text border so it's easier to read.
Also prior to that, I added more data into the workflow documentation.
7-18-2019: Crazy long day prepping for a Server 2012 exam for Warrant Officer Advanced Course. Knocked out the labs... Got some workflow documentation knocked out afterwards. These long days are kicking my @$$. Tomorrow and Saturday are my marathon days for knocking out serious work on the game. At 10AM EST I'll be guest speaking on a Twitter channel about the game.
Website customization, Workflow documentation,
"Steve's Arcade" development. Finished Scene 2.
Continued workflow document, Found new font "dotty" with free commercial use, 10PM-1130PM: Workflow documentation....
Spoke to a Twitch Streamer about an interview 10:00AM EST, where I'll briefly speak about my upcoming game and demo release dates.
Worked on “Steve’s Indubitably Awesome Arcade Adventure” workflow document. In an adventure game, like this, you really need to have a step by step plan to guide you through development.
Website creation!
7-13 & 14-2019:
Binge developed new animations for "Steve" and changed his character from 4-way to 8 way by "finagling" CTA-4 through the suite of Adobe products and Visionaire Studio. This is literally only the second weekend on Visionaire and I'm thoroughly impressed with the K.I.S.S. principal it seems to stick by. Hell yes, less time troubleshooting, more time creating! I'm just one guy, whom by the way is full time active duty in the Army.
7-3 thru 7-2019:
Had a rather long break this 4th of July holiday break. I took this time to research a new dev engine for adventure point and click games. Basically, I was looking for a decent framework solution. I kept coming across Visionaire... I keep researching though. Finally, I dug in a bit deeper and really, just loved what I saw from other indie studios. So, I purchased the single user license after testing the trial. Wish I did this months ago... Or years ago, but either way, better late than never.

Anyhow, after I made the decision to go with Visionaire, I knew I'd need a program to animate software. After reaching out to one of the Point and Click FB groups I belong to about whether to use 3d pre-rendered graphics or cartoon style, everyone seemed more interested (really in hand drawn), but never the less 2d cartoon type graphics. So... I went through Cartoon Animator 4. This software is great because I can use my webcam to animate facial expressions and dialogue scenes. At this point it's Wednesday night... About to be Thursday morning, so I call it. That morning I made leaps and bounds to learn the engine and begin Dev. The Visionaire tutorials give you EXACTLY what you need.

Here's the thing guys, if you're thinking of pursuing a career in game development, the scope is HUGE. Programming, Design, Art... All encompassing.  You can learn an engine and stick to it, but really, you need to adapt to your project scope requirements. Yes, I started with Game Maker Studio 2, then Unity, then Unreal Engine 4. Hell, I've spent the entire year using UE4... Which is great, but not the best tool for “Steve’s Indubitably Awesome Arcade Adventure”. So I cut sling load on UE4 for now, and jumped ship. When  you spend an entire weekend trying to figure out how to get your character to properly interact with the environment... Well, it's so powerful, it's overkill. We love P&C adventures for the beautiful artwork and story line.